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Bringing the Undead to Life: An Ageless Update

by The Fogbank Development Team

Hello to all our fans, 

If you're with us during our limited testing you may have noticed some changes in the app, particularly with Ageless. We want to be as transparent as possible moving forward, and included in that is updating you all on Ageless. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

A Status Update

Ageless now has an “In Production” label on its show cover art, what does this mean? Exactly that! Its production is underway, and the team is tackling all new challenges to meet its vision: A fresh take on vampire lore with character variations (including our first nonbinary main character)!

Basically, we want to bring you the best possible Ageless and represent it accurately!. Speaking of a more accurate representation...

A New Look & Genre

Ageless Key Art Original

The Ageless show art has been updated, along with its genre! We love the new art, and hope that you do too. Ageless is a show about duality, legacy, struggle, and so much more that we think the new cover embodies. 

Storyscape Ageless

As for the genre, you may notice its now under Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Drama. While we work on future shows, we are closely looking at where each show’s main emphasis lies. We came to the conclusion that the key component to Ageless is absolutely its drama. Read some details from our very own Ageless crew below!

A Sneak Peek

What can you tell us about the feel of the show?

"Gothic, sexy, horror epic meets high-fashion drag theater. It’s a spectacle."

Meghan Thornton, Studio Lead Writer, writing Ageless

What’s your favorite part about working on Ageless? 

"My favorite part about working on Ageless has been discovering how much I love the story and thus the show. Reading the script ignited so many ideas and images in my mind, and it’s been incredibly fulfilling creating ways to combine the things I love - like drag, and theater, and epic fantasies - into a singular, striking vision unlike anything I’ve done before, yet still somehow very much my voice."

Kyle Cabral, Cinematics Director on Ageless

Something else we’re excited for is our main character, who can be selected as nonbinary, masculine, or feminine. Check out their headshots:

Ageless N


Ageless M


Ageless F


There is so much more to this main character that you will have to wait to find out, but we hope this helps quench some of that vampiric thirst.

A Look Forward

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and update on Ageless! We’re so very excited to be working on this show, and hope to continue to update you all on its progress in the coming months. A huge thank you to all of the fans that have expressed their love and enthusiasm for the show so far! 

- From your team at Fogbank Entertainment