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Hello World, Welcome to Storyscape

by The Fogbank Development Team

Storyscape has officially launched! Download now here, and check out trailer below:

Storyscape Launch Trailer

Thank you to all of the fans that have stayed with us throughout the beta, and welcome to all of our new Storyscape fans! 

The entire Storyscape team has been working for a few years to bring you all the Storyscape we see today. It would be difficult to explain to you all in words how much love and dedication has been poured into it by our small team, but we hope that translates in your Storyscape experience. ❤️

A few general updates:

  • Edge of Extinction will be coming to a device near you in November
  • Life 2.0 season 2 is now in production-- check out its cover art in game
  • Ageless also received new cover art, and you can read a full production update over here

Please feel welcome to join our community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. We love seeing reactions, gathering feedback, and responding to you all, so don’t forget to label any posts with #PlayStoryscape!

Here’s to more mystery, laughs, and steamy romances!

Storyscape Launch

- Sincerely yours, the team at Fogbank Entertainment