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Is it Getting Hot in Here or is it Just Life 2.0?

by The Fogbank Development Team

Hey Fans!

We’re happy to announce our first full season release! Episodes 6-10 of Life 2.0 comprise the remainder of season 1 and it’s a steamy back half. New romances, crazy work drama, and more than a couple scenes that are going to make you do a double take are just another day in the office as the sexiest show in rom-com land makes its return. Is Jaime going to get over himself? Is Abigail a frenemy or…more? How cute is Cute Dave? Who is the mysterious stranger? Can you and your mentor stage a successful rebellion against the misogynistic CEO at NGOrganize? All these questions and so much more are coming your way as writer Laura Jacqmin and director Katrina Carras hit their stride and deliver some amazing episodes.

You may also notice with this release that the episodes aren’t just getting better, they’re getting smaller! In our first releases we had no technical way of knowing which in-game art your phone had already downloaded, so the game had to re-download everything for each new episode. Going forward, we’ve fixed that issue and now episodes 2 and beyond of a season are up to 90% smaller! You can also set you own cap for how much of your phone’s memory you want us to fill--in the off chance you don’t want to dedicate your entire storage to our awesome art. 

A couple last notes: This is the first full season drop but hardly the last. Titanic is next on deck and it’s a whopper at 17 epic, drama-packed episodes. From now on, expect shows to arrive as complete seasons so you can binge to your hearts’ content. Also, for those who are sticking with us as we develop our narrative platform on the way to world wide launch (and a much more predictable content delivery pace), know that we appreciate you and we love your feedback. We share your social media posts and memes all over the office and delight in seeing what you think of all the hard work the teams put in. We can’t wait to see what you think of the new episodes! 

Daniel Erickson
Studio Director, Founder
Fogbank Entertainment