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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Agents

by The Fogbank Development Team

Excited to meet the new X-Files agents? We're excited to introduce you to them! Sean McKeever, the writer behind The X-Files show has taken the time to lay out some of the basics behind Agent Dexler and Agent Fulton. 

Agent Dexler

Jess Dexler

Who is Agent Dexler in five words?

An intelligent and relentless fighter.


Why is Dexler interested in joining the X-Files?

This is something we'll learn in the first episode as PFC Jess Dexler confronts a monster on a remote, wintry island base and fights for her life alongside Agents Mulder and Scully. How that drive to join the X-Files emerges is in the players' hands.


What is Dexler’s take on the paranormal?

Being at the center of a deadly X-File opens her eyes to things she never thought possible. She's not afraid to consider things that she might once have written off as fairy-tale nonsense. If anything, she might have to learn to dial back her expectations and assumptions regarding the paranormal.


What is Dexler’s greatest strength?

She isn't one to leave well enough alone if she can help it. Dexler's ability to follow through on investigations and shift the scope of her focus not only helps her break cases, but provides new insights into larger political and conspiratorial matters as well.


Who does Dexler trust most in the world?

That would be her best friend and fellow FBI Academy graduate Caitlyn Marts. In fact, after all Dexler's been through, Caitlyn might be the only person she truly trusts.

Agent Fulton

Aaron Fulton

Who is Agent Fulton in five words?

A driven and uncanny profiler.


Where did Fulton grow up?

Aaron Fulton was raised in East Coast suburbia with his siblings until a serial killer targeted his family. The only survivor of the attack, Fulton finished out high school in foster care.


What is Fulton’s take on the paranormal?

The man responsible for Fulton's survival, Gregory Pierce, brought Fulton to intern at his criminal consulting firm, which often provided its services to FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Over these formative years of adulthood, Fulton researched the paranormal and even experienced it firsthand--but he's never one to immediately jump to fantastical means or motives in a case. It's the perpetrators' minds that guide his thinking.


What is Fulton’s greatest strength?

Fulton's instinctive ability to piece together a novel profile on a given subject gives him an edge well beyond what the Academy can teach. He can sometimes even imagine he's in conversation with a suspect he's never met, gleaning new insights and providing new avenues of investigation--if anyone will listen to him.


What’s one thing Fulton can’t live without?

Fulton's inner voice is so active and present that he often needs quality alone time.

A huge thanks to Sean for his answers! So much more awaits Agent Dexler and Agent Fulton in the upcoming episodes of X-Files. With two agents and a diverse skill set among them, we can't wait to see the choices you'll make ahead!

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