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Sneak Peek: Edge of Extinction

by The Fogbank Development Team

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Hello all,

We’ve gotten so many asks about Edge of Extinction-- thank you all for your enthusiasm! As you know, Edge of Extinction is coming out this month, November! We’re so excited to bring it to you later this month, but we did want to give you some insights into its story now

I sat down with our producer for the show, Lois Wang, to learn about its key elements. 

  • Primarily, it is a show about survival. You find yourself in a lonely world, and you have to spend some time re-anchoring yourself. In Lois’s words, “You’re not always directly under attack, but you’re not safe.”
  • It’s a show about allies-- who can you trust, will your friendships stand the test of the challenges you face? “You don’t know what will happen.”
  • It’s also about distinguishing what kind of person you are. “Your main character is who you want them to be.” 

Some smaller tidbits:

  • There’s a dog. It’s amazing.
  • It’s a limited series, so it’s one season.
  • Yes, you can die.

It’s a small teaser, but we hope it tides you over until Edge of Extinction comes out later this month! 

- From your team at Fogbank Entertainment

PS: Sorry, no zombies.

PPS: Yes, you can pick between a male and female main character.