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The End of Limited Testing is in Sight!

by The Fogbank Development Team

Hello all!

We’ve come a long way since we started working on our first prototype of Titanic. As we gear up for the world-wide launch of Storyscape, we have some fun facts and a couple important pieces of news we wanted to share.

Fun facts!

  • 280,000 + fans showed up to go through our original three shows during this limited release.
  • Over 1,000,000 episodes played. Yes, some of our fans were replaying Titanic a lot!
  • Over 23,000,000 (yes that’s millions) decisions were made. People lived, people loved, people died. Sometimes you and your friends all threw up dirt.

News 1: Eternal City is getting a massive revamp!

We received lots of great feedback on Eternal City. People love Alex Freed’s intricate, emotional, sometimes hallucinogenic story of one woman’s struggle to survive in a beautifully original fantasy world. Some of the stranger decisions, however, were a bit hard to understand and in general the series felt like it needed more support so fans could really understand how much nuance and art went into what is clearly our most complex story to date. On our side, there was also a ton of cool effects and ideas we wanted to get in that we simply didn’t have the resources for when we started. Thus, a full revamp of Eternal City was born.

What’s new?

  • Sigil Collection Screen: Shows how many Sigils you’ve found so far and makes it easier towards the end of the season to see what you may have missed.

  • The Chronicle: An ever-evolving story of your character’s journey and the decisions they made. It's really fun to scroll through after a dramatic episode to see how far you’ve come and what led you to where you are.

  • Skills Page: Shows the skills you’ve learned and those you’ve missed out on. This is another great way to see the depth of the show.

  • Tons of new art and effects throughout.
  • Some better explanations for some of the more complicated choices, along with better “toasts” (those messages that come from the top of the screen) explaining the impact of decisions. 

What this means for Eternal City players?

  • Eternal City will be removed for a brief period as we switch between versions.
  • Unfortunately, if you’ve already played through Eternal City, you will have to start over when the rest of the season drops in the revamp. The experience went through so many changes we couldn’t guarantee the new and the old would play nice together.
  • Any Premium choices you spent diamonds on will still be paid for and will be available for free when you play through again. Speaking of diamonds…

News 2: Beta play rewards

So much great feedback, so much enthusiasm. So many amazing social media posts (and memes, we see them all!). We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you and so we’re sending rewards out to all our long-term testers. As long as you’ve been playing the app since at least October 14, 2019, we’ll be putting 100 diamonds directly into your account.

Once again, thank you so much for being with us during this incredible build up and stay tuned for more news about our world-wide launch of Storyscape soon.

- With so much love and appreciation from your team at Fogbank Entertainment