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Welcome to Storyscape

by The Fogbank Development Team

Fogbank Entertainment is a small studio looking out over the San Francisco bay and dedicated to a simple concept: High-quality interactive storytelling from the best minds in the world, combined with the technology to bring those stories to the widest possible audience of diverse, discriminating fans.

At Fogbank, we believe that interactive storytelling can be as mature, as important, and even more immersive than traditional forms of narrative. We aim to discover new ways to tell stories that can only be experienced in this format. We believe in celebrating the creators of great works and celebrating the people who make it possible to deliver that work to our audience. Just as important, we believe that great stories are for everyone and in order to tell diverse stories you must fill your world with diverse voices.

Wonderful narrative experiences and experiments exist on mobile but they are few, far between and often difficult to find. With Storyscape, we’ve brought together top writers and directors and put them under the same roof. In the same style as our favorite streaming services, we’ve made a place where romantic comedy can live side by side with dark fantasy. Where Titanic and The X-Files both have a home and fans can show up for one experience and then try something new. Unlike some of the narrative studios that came before us, we make no attempt to impose a formula or style for our catalog of interactive shows. We believe our shows are best when they come from a single writer and a single director and possess a strong sense of self.

Right now we’re rolling out our first shows, experimenting to see what works and what our audience enjoys. Award-winning, indie favorite author Meg Jayanth has taken the world of James Cameron’s Titanic and given us bold romance and drama with more depth and control than would ever be possible in another format. Eternal City, from New York Times bestselling fantasy/sci-fi writer Alexander Freed, is an original dark fantasy world where intrigue and secrets are more valuable than swords and gold. TV writer Laura Jacqmin’s Life 2.0 is a hilarious story of one woman’s attempt to start a new life (and is easily the sexiest rom-com ever to appear as a narrative game). 

Just around the corner are three more shows we’re incredibly excited about. Marvel’s Sean Kelley McKeever takes the helm of a brand new The X-Files story where the challenge is as much about how you manage the relationship between the two leads as about the mysteries you’ll uncover. BioWare’s Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer for Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, brings his next original sci-fi epic in the survival story Edge of Extinction. Finally, Telltale’s Meghan Thornton is putting a bold new twist on vampire politics, drama and love with Ageless

We love reading your feedback. Feel free to start a conversation on Tumblr or Reddit or wherever your narrative friends already live. I guarantee we’ll find you. 

The whole team here at Fogbank is excited to show you Storyscape and we hope you love playing it as much as we love making great stories. 

Daniel Erickson
Studio Director, Founder
Fogbank Entertainment